Reviews of Sayulita Wedding Photographer Erin Parker

Real reviews from real couples, really.

Nadia & Miguel | San Pancho, Mexico

Erin knows how to get a good shot. She learned that from studying and working as a photojournalist. Just as important is the work that she does communicating, planning and listening. She's always present and can be firm when necessary to bring order to the day. She's encouraging and has the confidence that comes from being witness to many marriages. But what stands out for me is her ability to get everyone to relax and have fun in front of the camera. We knew that the photos were not something that we needed to worry about when we hired Erin. In the end, we will cherish the hundreds of images that she captured. Oh, and being married is awesome! Thanks, Erin! - Miguel, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Jen & Nate | Sayulita, Mexico

When we first came across your info, we instantly knew that you were the person we wanted to capture our day.  Now months later, after seeing tons of phenomenal pictures of magic moments (that make me happy cry) and a new friend in our circle, we’re SO glad we went with our gut.  I can’t imagine anyone else being there with us through the whole process and beyond.

The photos are perfect! When looking back on our wedding week, the moments we spent with you were some of my favorite. You are a great photographer but more importantly an incredible human! Thanks for being you as I feel totally lucky to have you as my photographer and our confidante leading up to and durning our wedding week.  I wish you all the health, wealth, and wisdom in the world and hope our paths cross again in the future. 

You are awesome.  These  photos are amazing.  You’ll get ALL the credit!!! - Jen & Nate, Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Lindsay & Sean | Sayulita, Mexico

Where do I even begin when describing our time with Erin Parker?? Working with her was like a dream. I truly could not have asked for a better teammate, and would recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer to capture memories to last a lifetime. Erin is a story teller, and told the events of our wedding with the photos she gifted us. She was incredibly personable from the first time we met her on our scouting trip, and was easily accessible through email and phone conversation thereafter. Erin is very professional, down to earth, and has a way of putting everyone at ease with her humor and wit; not to mention her creativity and artistic eye! This gal is something special, and truly has raw talent that captured the genuine, emotional moments that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Erin went above and beyond, and was incredibly adaptable. To paint this picture a little further, my groom and I did our first look pictures with Erin, but then missed our ceremony and reception due to extreme illness. However, we made an appearance at the reception once we got home from the hospital, and she captured the emotion of our arrival, and the reception that followed (without us), to the point that we can look at the pictures and live vicariously through them. She has a unique way of capturing the energy of the moment, that allowed us to be transported to that period of time. Erin, we love you and are forever grateful for having met you. Thank you for telling our story through photos that will be cherished for many years to come!! - Lindsay, Seattle, Washington

Brett & Ryan | Sayulita, Mexico

I am so happy that we choose Erin to photograph one of the happiest moments of our lives! Right from the start after speaking with Erin I knew I chose the right photographer. Erin was extremely easy to talk to and communicate with throughout the entire planning stages. She is extremely organized and it is obvious she knows what she’s doing—she made sure to bring up points and ideas that I didn’t even think about! Erin came to our wedding rehearsal for a “meet & greet” so that we and our wedding party would feel more comfortable with her and know who she was. She is THE BEST to work with!!! She’s not stuffy or formal, she’ll tell you if you have a booger (which is important…thanks Erin haha!), she’s light-hearted, and makes the potentially awkwardness of being photographed disappear. My favorite thing, however, is the photos she took. She totally captured the type of photos I definitely wanted to get, but she was also great at capturing “in the moment” photos that created the perfect photo diary of our big day. Erin was a dream to work with and I highly recommend to her anyone looking for a fabulous photographer with a great experience!!! - Brett, Huntington Beach, California

Lisa & Kenny | Sayulita, Mexico

I can't reiterate enough how amazing Erin was. We, most importantly, didn't want someone who was obtrusive or super formal, getting in everyone's faces and making us do staged photographs. We wanted someone who could capture the joy and emotion of the day in a candid style and that is exactly what she did. When the lighting was perfect, she pulled us aside for just a moment to capture it ... we never felt like we were away from our party for too long, which was really important for us. After our first look photos, we drove through town to take some pics, which was really fun and those are some of our favorite photos- I would recommend doing this to anyone.
I can't stop looking at our pictures. They take me right back to the best day of my life and let me relive that happiness again and again. As a bonus, Erin is a really fun person to work with. She is hilarious and relaxed, which made it easy for us to be relaxed, as well. Our wedding was perfect and Erin captured every bit of it! - Lisa, Denver, Colorado

Sydney & Mike | Sayulita, Mexico

Erin Parker was not just a great photographer for our wedding – she was a blast to work with. Her humor and frankness kept us relaxed while we were with her. Prior to the wedding, we spoke multiple times and met during our visit to Sayulita, allowing us to get to know one another (we had all sorts of random connections!) and plan shooting locations for the wedding day. During the first look and pre-ceremony shots she had a vision for the photos and was efficient about executing the plan – the time just runs away from you on wedding day! This alone time with Erin allowed us to step back, take a brea the, and be in the moment. During the ceremony and reception, she moved around like a ninja and got shots that captured not just the moment, but also the action and emotion. Later our friends and family kept asking if we noticed Erin during certain moments of the night, and we never did. She took beautiful shots of us truly in the moment. After we expressed an interest in having a photo booth during the reception, she worked to put it together for us. We got some hilarious shots of our friends and families using her new equipment! We’re incredibly happy we had the opportunity to work with not only a great photographer, but a wonderful person (and new friend) who delivered beautiful photos (and so quickly!) of our big day. - Sydney, Alexandria, Virginia

Michaela & Tyler | Sayulita, Mexico

We are so happy that we went with Erin for our wedding photos! They came out so great, it feels like we are reliving the day each time we look at them. What really made her stand out to us was her ability to capture the moment and emotion in each picture. I don't know how she does it, but she caught the most genuine, raw, and beautiful reactions I have ever seen! I have looked back through our photos a million times, and each time I feel like I am transported back to that day. I also seem to notice something new and special every time I look at them. Erin is so nice and fun to be around. She has such a calming and relaxed vibe about her and I really enjoyed spending the day with her. She made me laugh and smile and she was also great about blending in so that everyone could be natural and candid. I also really appreciate that she took the time to get to know my family and learn about our relationships so that she could understand when to capture all of the important moments and extra special people in my life. Thank you so much Erin, we will cherish these photos forever! - Michaela, San Diego, California

Tawnya & Pablo | Sayulita, Mexico

We were very excited to get married in Sayulita and knew that we had to get an excellent photographer to ensure that the sun, sand, happy people and beautiful moments would be captured as they happened. Erin was great from the get go! She asked all the necessary questions that assisted her in getting to know us and what style of photography we wanted for our wedding. We were looking for a candid style which she accomplished magnificently. Erin moved through the crowd of guests almost unseen while capturing all the action without disturbing the vibe! She also was very efficient when it came time for the portrait style photos which also turned out beautiful. Thank you Erin! - Pablo, Vancouver, British Columbia

Lauren & Jeff | Tesuque, New Mexico

Picking a photographer was one of the first decisions we made after we got engaged.  In spite of being together for many years, we don't have many photographs of the two of us and it was important that we picked someone who could capture our celebration with our closest family and friends in a way that fit our personalities.  We knew after reviewing Erin's website that she would be the perfect photographer for the event.  

Erin photographed our family dinner at my childhood home the night before the wedding and was available the entire day of the ceremony.  She spent time with our family beforehand, specifically worked to get to know everyone and as a result, helped everyone feel at ease.  Other than the couple of times she pulled us aside to do photographs, she was able to work through the afternoon and evening quietly, and without drawing much attention.  With that said, she continued to joke around with the guests and was able to become a part of the celebration as well.  The photographs were done within a couple weeks of the wedding and we were so impressed by what she was able to capture.  The feedback we received from everyone was wonderful and we are so glad we finally have such wonderful photos of the two of us to commemorate the day.  We couldn't recommend Erin more highly. - Lauren, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Geneva & Abe | Bainbridge Island, Washington

Erin Parker was quite honestly the only thing that kept me from losing my mind over the wedding stress! She has brilliant, thoughtful ideas and the experience to back them up. Her suggestions were wonderful. My favorite suggestion was a quiet private moment after the ceremony. This gave us a little bit of time to escape everything, and in our case, kick off the party with a group of wonderful people on a small boat. I could not be happier with the pictures of that.

Every picture she gave us was just stunning, with beautiful natural moments you never even saw her capture ( but will be so grateful she did ). Our wedding was small, in the sun, at a weird angle on a dock and the pictures have STUNNED everyone who saw them. They are quite literally photos I'm proud to show off to everyone who asks about our wedding - and everyone who doesn't!

Erin is wonderful and easy to talk to, and she took all of our weird requests in stride and was there the day of to facilitate and keep me from becoming Bridezilla! We did first look pictures, the secret moment pictures, and she even came with us in the VW thing the grooms brother drove us to the reception in- with no doors!! Thank goodness for Erin! - Geneva, Bainbridge Island, Washington

Kimber & Abel | San Pancho, Mexico

Erin is the absolute BEST! She is so easy going and flexible, yet takes direction when needed to make sure the right shots are taken. She has a knack for going with the natural flow, capturing the excitement, giddiness, and overwhelming emotions that come with a wedding. 

Our wedding pictures came out beautiful - way beyond our expectations! - Kimber, Nashville, Tennessee

Karen & Terrence

I just looked at the gallery for the 15th time. I'm blown away. The photos captured all of the fun, hilarity, spontaneity, beauty, and most importantly, the LOVE of our special day. Months ago when we began researching wedding photographers, something about the style of your photos jumped out at us. They portrayed candid wedding moments with beauty. intimacy, art and respect. Because Terrence and I weren't just getting married, we were creating a new family with our grown children, it was important to us to visually record those new family moments, as well as the highlights of our wedding. We have a special appreciation for art and we knew that you would be the perfect photographer to record this most important day for us with unique artistic style. You have done that in spades. We couldn't happier Erin! Thank you! - Karen, Calgary, Alberta

Madison & Andrew

Erin is the bees knees! She is so welcoming and friendly. I felt so comfortable to talk about our ideas and we sent emails back and forth weeks before the wedding. Erin prepared me with resources to read and different photo styles and poses to think about. She really took the time to get to know us and it showed in our pictures! She captured us completely and without being demanding of our time staging the photo. She is great at letting the natural moments happen and framing the photo in a beautiful way at the same time. 

Last minute we decided to ride in on horseback to the ceremony and she adapted to the change without the least bit of trouble! And she was a good sport when we decided to ride the horses all the way through town too; she's in great shape and juggled lenses, a camera bag, and kept up taking beautiful photos the whole way. Erin connected with out guests and got everyone together for a group photo, that is my personal favorite. Even my parents that are so hard to photograph look amazing in our photos. Both of our siblings are photographers so we have pretty high standards and Erin far exceeded them - she puts a lot into her work and we couldn't be more thankful to have her on our wedding day. 

We look at our photos all the time and it is so fun to relive those moments. - Madison, Tempe, Arizona

Katie & David | Sayulita, Mexico

We used Erin's services for our wedding photos this past March. We LOVED working with Erin and the photos were amazing. She's super communicative and really worked with us before to get an idea of the types of photos we wanted and the look we were going for. On the actual day of our wedding she was amazing and seamless. She worked super quickly, snapping tons of photos in a short time, and made the whole experience a lot of fun. In addition to some great posed photos we got some stunning and creative candids that we will cherish for years to come. Highly recommend!! - Katie, Brooklyn, New York

Jenna & Eric | Sayulita, Mexico


Thank you so so so so so so so so so so so much for your hard work on our photos.  You have truly captured the emotions and the fun.  There are some truly priceless photos in here that will be cherished for a lifetime (and maybe even beyond!).

I knew they would be good because I love your photography style and all the “teaser” photos, but our album has hugely exceeded my expectations!  I think your incredible natural, candid style paired so well with our casual, fun wedding for a wonderful result.  I love how they really tell the story of the day.  Thank you x 9999999999999999999.  I almost want to get married all over again just to work with you again.  - Jenna, Vancouver, British Columbia

Kirsten & Sean | Sayulita, Mexico

By some stroke of luck, we chose Erin as our photographer, and she was nothing short of wonderful. Erin has been around the block a few times. Her streamlined process of setting up the wedding, getting to know her clients and customizing her shot list is reassuring for a stressed out bride. Her excellence however, doesn’t stem from this organization process. It stems from her passion and energy for capturing authentic moments on her client’s special day. You can see the passion just oozing out of her. It’s incredible to watch, comparable to watching an artist paint or a musician perform. On our day, she ran around the ceremony, chasing an angle only she could visualize. Erin is documentary photographer, which was exactly the style of pictures I wanted to remember our day by. The pictures are stunning, they capture the expressions and the mood of our wedding perfectly.  She was positive, direct, and so much fun to work with. - Kirsten, Vancouver, British Columbia

Lauren & Mark | Sayulita, Mexico

We are so happy that we chose Erin to capture our wedding. From our first communication through getting the photos to us after the wedding she was an absolute joy to work with. She has a sweet and wonderful personality, and is incredibly professional and communicative (which is important when planning from afar). Most importantly, she is an amazing photographer with a great eye. When we got our pictures back soon after the wedding we marveled about how she completely captured the fun and spirit of our day. 

I spent awhile looking at several photographers in the Sayulita area, and loved Erin’s wedding shots the most. What I didn’t realize when we chose her is how involved and invested she was in not only making sure everything went smoothly the day of, but also that she was capturing what was important to us. She scheduled a Skype call to understand what we were looking for and wanted, which for me was photos that captured our day in a classic way (and not trendy or stylized shots of our wedding party). She was up direct about what was and wasn’t possible the day of. She met up with us at our rehearsal the day before to get to know us, our parents and wedding party, and coordinated with our wedding planner re: the schedule for the day. The day of she was truly incredible. She made everyone comfortable, got all of the group shots we wanted, and was able to take us to town and back for a quick photoshoot in the square before the ceremony. The entire day she seemed to be everywhere at once, capturing authentic moments without being intrusive. She even stayed late (beyond the time we had agreed upon) to capture our sparkler send-off! In short, she is AMAZING. - Lauren, San Francisco, California

Tracy & Doug

My husband and I are so happy with Erin’s work and we would highly recommend her for your special occasion. She was excited about our vision form the very start, asked lots of questions, was attentive and a great listener. A blend of natural, formal and unique photos, Erin delivered all of that for us and more. What impressed us the most was her imagination and originality; it’s one of a kind and a positive force. Erin cares about the end result and it shows. Her communication and reliability throughout the entire process is to be commended also her bright and calm personality. 

Thank you, Erin for capturing our day!! It wouldn’t have been the same without you – you can roll with anything and we rate you first class all the way! - Tracy & Doug, Calgary, Alberta

Alexandra & Tyler | Kingston, Washington


All I can say is wow.  We just got done browsing through all the photos, reliving that very special day!  Thank you for your unique, beautiful, and candid perspective of our wedding day!  You have quite a a gift and we feel so blessed to have had you as our photographer.  We couldn’t have asked for more! - Tyler Hannon 

Erin, I have to tell you what amazing job you did capturing me and Tyler's wedding! We are absolutely blown away by your work! I don't know how you did it all by yourself how you were literally everywhere at once but you were. You have a special gift at telling the full story through your photos the big and little moments that might have gone unnoticed but were so special! Thank you so much for giving us such a special gift that we are going to cherish forever! We couldn't have picked a more perfect photographer! We love you! - Alexandra, Seattle, Washington


Meaghan & Brady | St. Ignatious, Montana

Our wedding was a celebration of family, friends, and love. I cherish the memories of that amazing evening and it truly was the highlight of my life! The photographs beautifully captured the jubilant atmosphere and sacred moments. The invaluable photograph Erin took of my dad, with tears in his eyes, when Dad was handing me off to my husband, captured a touching and rare moment of my stronger-than-life father's soft spot. Another favorite photograph taken, is one of my grandmother, who passed away shortly after our wedding. Erin also captured fun moments: my husband stealing a kiss during the ceremony, being swung in the air by my husband during a playful photography session, and playing limbo during the reception. I so appreciate Erin's pleasant demeanor and lovely art. Well done Erin!  - Meaghan, St. Ignatius, Montana