Reviews of Sayulita Wedding Photographer Erin Parker

Real reviews from real couples, really.

Alison & Jeff | Sayulita, Mexico


Erin was beyond incredible every step of the way for our wedding. We got married in Sayulita in March. When we began our planning, we knew we wanted someone who could capture those magical moments. We didn’t want the super staged wedding photos you see so often.  We were looking for someone that would give us an artistic and journalistic touch as well as some of the classic wedding moments.  Erin delivered again and again with special spontaneous shots as well as some awesome creative posed portraits. She picked up on our personalities and brought them out in such a beautiful way in our pictures. Our photos look professional and artistic but still look like us. 

Beyond her amazing photography skills, Erin was a rock for us during our crazy wedding. 65 of our 70 guests wound up getting the Norovirus and were sick prior to our ceremony which needless to say was incredibly stressful. Erin helped me maintain my cool, see the humor in the day, and realize that we would be laughing about the stories that came from the day in a few weeks. She was totally right and captured some of the insanity on film which we have been laughing at since we saw her photos. I can not say enough wonderful things about Erin nor can I recommend her highly enough. If you are looking for an amazing photographer who can make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and is a real person who genuinely cares about your day looking amazing, call Erin. She is incredible. - Alison, Denver, Colorado


Cindy & Brandon | Sayulita, Mexico


There are 3 things I wouldn't change about our wedding....

1.) My wife 2.) The location 3.) Erin Parker!

My wife and I had always known that we wanted a destination wedding. We met at one, and knew it was right for us. The question was; where? We fell in love with Sayulita. I proposed at Hotel Villa Amor. And we decided on the flight home that that was the place. Our wedding planner, Karen Ruezga, provided a list of photographers she had worked with in the past, so we set up conference calls with three. I have been in sales for years and know that to get the right product, at the right price, you have to explore your options and be patient. Weigh your choices carefully, and make a measured, sound, decision. That all went out the window when we spoke with Erin.

First of all, she responded faster and more frequently than anyone else we reached out to. Secondly, after we got on a "short" conference call with Erin, we didn't stop gabbing for over an hour. It was like we were old friends who hadn't talked in forever. You know, the kind that you don't speak with for months or years and it doesn't matter, you just pick back up where you left off. That was key to us. We knew we were on the same wavelength. Erin has a wonderful down-to-earth quality that is charming and endearing. Having viewed her work - I already earmarked her as my favorite - and speaking with her, we knew she was the one. We cancelled our other calls right after hanging up. She asked the right questions, gave us her honest opinion, and sincerely wanted to know us, our friends, and our family, so that she could do her best work. Taking it to another level, she was ultra flexible for us. Rehearsal/rehearsal dinner the first night. Wedding the second. And our son's birthday party/"trash the dress" photos the third day. How awesome is that? She was there not just for our wedding, but to capture the highlights of the whole trip, the adventure. And in some ways, she was our guide. Not to mention the personal gestures. She and I loaded up into her "beach mobile" the first night so that she could take me into town for medicine for my son. Above and beyond, ladies and gentlemen. Above an beyond.

This beautiful and charming character of hers shows through in her work. It's her attention to details, the candid and personal touch, the way she captures the natural moments... You will not be disappointed with her. Or, the memories her work will invoke decades later - transporting you back to that place, and those precious seconds. When we came home, I put together a 20 minute slideshow of the long wedding weekend for our Michigan reception. At the end, everyone stood up and cheered! They experienced what it was like to be in that beautiful place, sharing that time with us. Erin's work did that. -Brandon, Lincoln Park, Michigan