Reviews of Sayulita Wedding Photographer Erin Parker

Real reviews from real couples, really.

Georgie & Corbin | Bainbridge Island, Washington


The minute I got on the phone with Erin, I knew she was the photographer for myself and my partner. She was personable, confident, funny, direct, kind, empathetic. She wanted to know about us, how we met, what we love about each other, what we don't love about each other. She wanted to know where we were holding our wedding (she site she happened to already know personally from being a Bainbridge Islander herself for a period of time). She wanted to get to know us, which was so important and comforting to my partner and I both. I am not a in-front-of-the-camera person and Erin made me feel like we were old friends, which set me at ease. Her pricing was affordable and competitive. She explained exactly what we would get - all the photos, no holdbacks, with a timeline. She sent us an email shortly after our conversation which detailed it all. Erin and her assistant also wanted to stop by our rehearsal dinner (which was held at our wedding site) to briefly introduce herself to everyone, which was a huge boon for everyone on our wedding day - she already knew everyone's faces/names and could easily direct traffic for the photo portion of the evening. The day of

Erin and her assistant were impeccable. How they were able to capture what they were still is beyond me - the smiles, the children playing in the late afternoon summer light, the tears and love expressed to us that day was all there, perfectly documented. In fact, Erin was so incredible that three of our close friends who were planning weddings for that same summer and the year after ALL booked her immediately. The sense that we are old friends is actually true now :)

Following our wedding Erin sent our wedding photos on the timeline she discussed and I couldn't even wait to see them all with my partner, I sat alone in a classroom, tears of joy streaming down my cheeks, reviewing them all. She also sent a few timely previews prior to that which were so incredible to send out to family within a week or two of our wedding - reminding everyone of the joy we shared together and expressing our deep gratitude for what we couldn't have done alone.

Perhaps this is too verbose but I want to say that I couldn't have imagined a better photographer for myself or my partner, our families, our style. She made us feel like ourselves. I highly recommend Erin Parker for your special day! - Georgie, Portland, Oregon