Reviews of Sayulita Wedding Photographer Erin Parker

Real reviews from real couples, really.

Anneka & Markham | Sayulita, Mexico


Erin is amazing.  Period.  Full stop.  

I know I'm biased, but our wedding was the best wedding I've ever been to, and Erin was a huge part of that.  Like a lot of other couples who get married in Sayulita, we planned our wedding from afar; we picked Erin based on the beautiful work on her website, and arranged the details with her over email.  Then, a few months before the wedding we went down to meet our vendors and got to meet Erin in real life.  We had beers on the beach and drove around town and I knew we'd made the right choice.  Not only is her work amazing, but she's also a rad person that I would like to hang out with on the regular (bummer that I don't live in Sayulita).  Some of our wedding guests are still talking about her (and were apparently crushed to find out that she's married).

Erin is a documentary-style photographer, meaning she mostly just captures you and your spouse and your loved ones as you are as you enjoy this special day.  She caught a TON of really wonderful moments at our wedding that showed our love for each other, our love for our people, everyone's great quirks, the tequila and tear-filled ceremony, and our really, really fantastic party.  Plus she made us look dead sexy, so bonus points for that.  She can kick ass and take names, and did a fantastic job wrangling our two unruly families. She kept us focused and on track and did a really wonderful job of reminding my new husband and I to snatch some moments just to ourselves (and took perfectly wonderful photos of those moments).  She really is a ninja, because so many of the photos she took at our wedding, we were like "where even was she that she got this amazing perfect shot?"  

A few days ago I quite literally sent an email to someone who was asking for Mexico destination wedding advice that included the words, "Whatever else you do, you need to get Erin."  So, just take that advice: Whatever else you do, you need to get Erin. - Anneka, San Francisco, California