Reviews of Sayulita Wedding Photographer Erin Parker

Real reviews from real couples, really.

Karen & Terrence

I just looked at the gallery for the 15th time. I'm blown away. The photos captured all of the fun, hilarity, spontaneity, beauty, and most importantly, the LOVE of our special day. Months ago when we began researching wedding photographers, something about the style of your photos jumped out at us. They portrayed candid wedding moments with beauty. intimacy, art and respect. Because Terrence and I weren't just getting married, we were creating a new family with our grown children, it was important to us to visually record those new family moments, as well as the highlights of our wedding. We have a special appreciation for art and we knew that you would be the perfect photographer to record this most important day for us with unique artistic style. You have done that in spades. We couldn't happier Erin! Thank you! - Karen, Calgary, Alberta