Blog about living in Mexico by Photographer Erin Parker

Ever dream of selling everything & moving to Mexico? I did it and these are the stories.

This Mexican Life: Year One

We are in a new dimension. We've lived here more than a year now and shit is real. 

The high season (tourist season) is over. With it goes reliable income. The heat index is unbelievable and so the temperature in our little brick house. The bugs. Oh the mother fucking bugs. Crawling right next to Sydney's toilet training potty was the weirdest worm thing and he was moving fast and looking sinister. There was this moth, bigger than the hummingbird I watched frolicking in the hibiscus today, that escaped my catch and release method. He survived but my will to let bugs live did not. Come into my house you vermin and you will die. 

I've spent the last two afternoons sewing screens to cover the front and back door. They won't keep everything out. There was nothing stopping the spider the size of Phil's giant hand that scurried across the living room walls and disappeared behind the TV. That spider now lives above Sydney's toys and primary play space, watching me with his eight beedy eyes and inviting all of his brethren and their equally disgusting selves to take up residence in our little hot box. You asshole! The screens will keep the flying bugs out and let the air in. They'll look ghetto but not as ghetto as the construction site next door. They'll help. 

This morning I was trying my best not to complain about the heat. No one wants to hear it and the complaints don't make it less hot. I told Phil that last summer, I could just remind myself that being here was better than working for my crappy bosses and that was enough. They're far enough removed from my life now that that trick no longer works. Phil told me that if we aren't here - surviving this heat, then we have to be back in the states. And that was enough to be my little heat beater mantra. 

So happy anniversary Mexico. Please continue to inspire, challenge and reward us cause we're not leaving.