Blog about living in Mexico by Photographer Erin Parker

Ever dream of selling everything & moving to Mexico? I did it and these are the stories.

Home Away From Home

So Sydney and I are in America again for a little while. It’s weird. Phil is in Mexico and it sucks being apart. We miss him, he misses us. Every day is a discovery for her and that makes it okay. 

I didn’t want to leave Mexico. I like being in San Pancho this time of year. It’s quiet and personal. It’s a victory to endure the summer. I like being a winner. And this trip, much like Giligan’s was supposed to be short. Opportunity knocked, round-trip ticket’s ain’t cheap so here we are. For seven weeks.

The island is harder than I imagined. It’s bigger than it was five years ago, more people, more stuff, more (don’t be mad local friends) gentrification. I can’t just head into the woods for a three hour hike - I’ve got a two year old who can’t walk 20 feet without major distraction and my dog is still in Mexico. Plus, the trails are mulched. Fresh squeezed juice costs $11. The sunshine isn’t reliable. We have to wear seatbelts. Pools and libraries have hours. You can not just pee willy nilly wherever. 

But there’s the trailer. Sydney and I are living in a brand new Airstream. It’s not as romantic as the one I renovated with my dad, but it’s an Airstream and if you can’t appreciate that, you probably shouldn’t read my blog. I am in the camping environment that dreams are made of. It’s in an orchard. Everything works. It’s perfect. Have I mentioned the only thing missing is my husband? Syd calls it the camper van and has her own bed and we cuddle against the cold and she seems to like it. I love it. I'm organized. It's not hard to keep clean. There's no internet. I read by lantern (I'm not a fan of the LED). It's an Airstream, just imagine how cool it is and then know it's better than that. 

I’m trying to find my footing on uneven ground. I miss the routine of home but am surrounded by familiarity of a different sense of home. I love this place. There was a significant time in my life that I thought I would never leave Bainbridge. Oh my god, if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have Phil, or Sydney or our happy full life in Mexico. 

Home is Mexico, with Phil and Syd and Wiley and our incredible community there. With my very talkative, demanding, darling, incessantly eating daughter, I’m rediscovering this charming little island. It has it’s hooks in me. I used to believe that I couldn’t return to a place I’d previously lived. Here I am, making this trailer homey, looking forward to sharing the new discoveries with Phil, eating blackberries and rolling in the grass with Syd. Mexico is home but there is no rule that says home has to be in just one place.