Blog about living in Mexico by Photographer Erin Parker

Ever dream of selling everything & moving to Mexico? I did it and these are the stories.

Celebrating Karebear

My favorite day of the year is my birthday. Mine's the best but all birthdays are freaking great. My mom gave that to me. It's not about age - it's about the celebration of that person on THEIR day. 

Today is my mom's birthday and she's so deserving of celebration. I want to run down the street in front of her announcing to everyone it's her day so they'll step out onto the sidewalk and clap as she goes by. Maybe I should completely cover our car in balloons, open the sunroof and perch her on top. We could cruise through town as a one float parade - all for her. Skywriting would be a nice touch too ... 

Saying I'm close to her is an understatement. Calling her my best friend is inaccurate. She's my mom. My greatest teacher. My shining example. My voice of reason. My fiercest opponent. My loudest cheerleader. My closest confidant. She's not perfect but she's close. 

I'm her oldest daughter. I'm her occasional scapegoat (three-legged dog? my fault. trouble with the durango? this girl. rouge wave boogie boarding incident? all cause of me). She calls me her rock. I'm her golden thread. I'm her little earth mother. She knows I'm the one that will always call her house home even though I have my own family, my own house. Where she is is home. 

Birthday gifts are tricky cause sometimes they aren't celebration enough. Tangible stuff is great. Experiences create wonderful memories. Today, she got a little gift. We had a lovely breakfast overlooking the ocean. We'll hit the beach. I'm gonna make a gourmet dinner. Sydney will do some very cute singing. And I'll give her these words: 

I love you momma. Happy birthday.