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Ever dream of selling everything & moving to Mexico? I did it and these are the stories.

Brief and Wonderful Advice from Oscar Wilde

I'm doing this Instagram challenge to get more followers. I'm growing my own business. I'm exploring different marketing techniques. I like Instagram. 

Assignment number two was post a photo of my workspace. The example was a stylized desktop with an inspirationally ironic coffee mug, computer, camera and cutesy notebook and pen set (presumably used when overcome by an idea for a blog post). I glanced at my present workspace and rolled my eyes. I fucking hate this table. My coffee mug was long ago emptied and washed - it's an ant magnet. I like our couch, it could pass as a stylized workspace but I don't work there. I lounge there. Posting it would be a lie. 

I felt like my post was good enough. My enthusiasm for the challenge is waning. 

Later, I met with a couple who's wedding I'll photograph in May. It was a lot of fun. We drank craft beer (rare here). Getting to know a bride and groom before their wedding is like a gift. It makes photographing them on their big day so much better. They're comfortable with me, with being photographed. And this couple was funny! Their family was a pleasure! These exclamation points are authentic!!

As we talked about the game plan for their wedding day, I made an aside about photographing their invitations and I felt the bride prickle. The groom mentioned sending e-vites. I realized immediately they thought I was serious. I don't do that. I take pictures of people. I'm there for the moments, not the paper products.

I told this bride I was joking. She laughed and seemed relieved. 

I was looking through Instagram later that night, scrolling through the feed of other challenge participants. I came across a photo with this scrolled across it,

"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken" ~ Oscar Wilde

I was a refreshing reminder. I'm constantly looking at the work of other photographers. Seeking inspiration and guidance. I see so much great work. I also see such stylized work that I feel like I'm in a totally different world from so many other photographers. I don't have a team. I don't have the latest and greatest equipment. Wedding days go by as fast for me as they do for the couple. I don't have time to waste a second trying to recreate a photo that looks staged or lacks intimacy. 

Yes, I will continue the challenge and I will continue to pour through Instagram, gawking. Yes, I want more followers because I think it will translate into more business. More business becomes more financial security. Security ensures the continuation of this Mexican life. This life, as a result, remains happy and content. 

That's the RSVP for our wedding. We keep it on our fridge. 

That's the RSVP for our wedding. We keep it on our fridge.