Blog about living in Mexico by Photographer Erin Parker

Ever dream of selling everything & moving to Mexico? I did it and these are the stories.

They can't all be wallpaper

I like everything about this picture. The sunburnt feet. The lack of faces. The high tide line on the wall. The texture. Nothing about it says wedding but if you've been to a wedding down here, you can absolutely imagine this exact moment happening, barefoot beer drinking above the crashing waves. 

I showed this to my favorite editor (my husband) and he discouraged me from including it in the wedding gallery on my website. His argument - no one would set this picture as the wallpaper on their computer. 

I take thousands of pictures at every wedding - they can't all be wallpaper. I know some of them won't be liked but anyone but me. I allow myself a break from the expected kisses and toasts, sweetness and stress. It keeps me amused. When I'm amused, I have a better chance of catching the moments that will amuse you to. Like this one. Go 'head girl - get down. 

Thank goodness I've got the blog.