Blog about living in Mexico by Photographer Erin Parker

Ever dream of selling everything & moving to Mexico? I did it and these are the stories.

Parkers v. Mexico

Just so you know, Mexico won't win. That's not fair - Mexico is not at fault here, I can't claim to be at war with the country. I'm a bonafide temporary resident (card carrying!) and as I've said before, we picked this place. It's home now. 

But fuck, it ain't easy to live here. 

In Santa Fe, we hung a Chief Wahoo wind chime by our front door. He's the mascot for the Cleveland Indians, incredibly offensive but a beloved piece of tchotch that I used as a landmark for people looking for our poorly addressed house. As we unpacked here, Phil hung it in the backyard in a place where we can always see it. It's a sweet reminder of our old home and a doomed team (let's be honest sports fans). In a little more than a month a creeping vine grew up and around Chief Wahoo leaving his stupid toothy grin barely visible through the lush green leaves. 

Sydney's health was my primary concern throughout the whole decision making & moving process. She's got a kidney issue (was born with it, we've been taking care of it since birth & even knew about it while she's in uetero). Of course it's serious, it's a kidney issue and she's our only baby, our first baby, and we are hyper-aware of what we have to do to take care of her. When her first tooth sprouted, so did a little fever (normal). Then she developed this little rash on her hip (fungus). The fever lingered and the red spot grew. We found a pediatrician and sure enough, despite a lifetime of nighty antibiotics to prevent them, Sydney developed a UTI. When you're a baby with a kidney issue - UTI's are NOT good. 

Phil is continuing to review movies. He's good at it, he makes money doing it. There's a big theatre in Puerto Vallarta that plays the new releases in English. It's air-conditioned and has those luxe seats that feel like couches when you raise the armrest. Last week, he drove 45 minutes to see Transformers but it wasn't playing. The code the theatre needed to download the 3D version and blah blah excuses in Spanish ... Phil didn't get to see the movie and came home, reviewless. 

My sister-in-law Nicole & I took Sydney to the beach to watch the sunset. Nicole had been the States visiting friends and we needed to catch up. We sat down at one of the two places that serve drinks on the beach and ordered. I spread a blanket between us so Sydney could show of her new walking moves (so so so close to full walking independence) & to keep sand from permeating everything. Cold beers in hand, baby girl strutting her stuff, sun sinking into the horizon, Nicole looks at my foot and asks, "What is that?" It's a tick. A meaty little bugger and two of his breathen are crawling on my foot. I spotted at least six more on the blanket. Wiley already had two squirming around her rump. Without panicking, I swooped up the child, crammed the blanket into a plastic bag, tying it off to prevent stroller infestation & plucked the bugs of the dog (who HATES having her rear end touched. Our relaxing welcome home sunset ceremony was foiled. 

These aren't good stories, I know that. And I'm not going to let Mexico win. 

Nicole and I went to my parent's house post flea fiasco. I held her muzzle while Dad dug the rest of the ticks off Wiley. Mom came to my house with me and gave me a full body tick check. I got the babe debugged, clean, fed & into bed as mom threw the blanket in the wash, hosed off the strolled and provided that very calming Momness that only she knows how to do when I'm bordering meltdown. The dog stayed outside, with a fresh dose of flea & tick venom on her coat and any stragglers expected to jump ship by morning. 

The same night Phil did not see Transformers, someone gave him a copy of one of the films the indie theatre in Santa Fe is showing. A review was written & published. 

Sydney's new pediatrician is a dream come true. She had the antibiotics waiting for us when we returned to her office to review the results of the urine analysis. Both the meds & visit were free. She discussed with us her recent visit to Guadalajara, where she'd met the pediatric nephrologist who will manage Lulu's condition until it's resolved. Baby girl has no more fever. The fungus is gone. She's her happy little self. 

The family came over for dinner a few nights ago and as the burger's browned, Phil took clippers to the vine and freed Chief Wahoo. 

The victorious el jefe

It might not be a good fight, it certainly isn't a fair fight but it's one we are going to win.