Blog about living in Mexico by Photographer Erin Parker

Ever dream of selling everything & moving to Mexico? I did it and these are the stories.

No - I don't want to hear about bugs

When we told people we were moving to Mexico - the feedback was mostly positive, encouraging, slightly envious even. I had this incredible dialog with a client about the scene in Shawshank Redemption when Andy Dufresne tells Red about Zihuatenejo - the little seaside village in Mexico that was his paradise. To that client, Phil, Sydney and I are getting busy living. 

Now that we've been down here a few weeks, the glow of this big life change is fading and all I hear are warnings. And complaints. And advice. I absolutely prefer the kudos to this Debbie Downer nonsense. 

I was aware of the scorpions and dinner-plate sized spiders, poisonous toads & dengue fever, but now I'm downright terrified of it all. Can we please stop talking about it? No, I don't have air conditioning in my house, yes, I know it's only June and it's only gonna get worse. This is home now. We picked this place. 

Mi bebe, mi padre y yo

Mi bebe, mi padre y yo

This sweet little moment at la playa with my dad & Sydney was captured by my mom the other night. We've adjusted her bedtime to we can see the sunsets get out of our A/C free house in the heat of the day. We've put screens on the window. We've got mosquito netting over her bed. Clothes are shaken before they're put on, bugspray goes on right after the sunscreen is applied. 

Moments like the one above are the reason we are here. I'm going to enjoy every one of them, bugs be dammed.