Blog about living in Mexico by Photographer Erin Parker

Ever dream of selling everything & moving to Mexico? I did it and these are the stories.

Miracle Man

In 2009, Canon issued a recall on their 5D. The main mirror of the camera detaches and images cannot be viewed through the viewfinder. I'm writing this in Nov. 2014. I've had my two 5D's since 2007. I had no idea about this problem until it happened to me, last month. 

A major meltdown ensued. I reached out to my go-to experts, Craig, James & Rick. I asked advice, begged for a spare, hoped they had a magic solution. Bless their hearts, all offered condolences but not much else. All stateside, these guys are fantastic photographers and great friends, but to this Mexican life, they aren't much help. Intense hand wringing ensued. 

I've got a new go-to expert. Chris has been in San Pancho since 2006 and is the classic model for that guy who always knows a guy. I mentioned my Canon issue and he said he'd heard of someone in Puerto Vallarta that might be able to help. 

Did he ever. 


Carlos Ruiz works in a teensy shop in Pitillal - the part of Puerto Vallarta tourists never see even though its within walking distance (okay, a pretty long walk) from the marina. He spoke English far better than I speak Spanish, was familiar with the problem and fixed it while I stood there. 

It only cost 50 pesos. That's less than five dollars. 

Eat your hearts out go-to guys, Carlos has Canon Professional Services put to shame.